Ross Churchley

About me

Hometown: I was born and raised in Kamloops and now call Vancouver home.

Family: I am married to Leah Churchley; we have one cat, named Digby.

Career: I was recently hired as a software developer at SAP.

Education: I studied at Thompson Rivers University, University of Victoria, and Simon Fraser University before completing a math PhD in 2017. My old high school, Westsyde Secondary, has produced a bizarrely high number of mathematicians in my field.

Interests: I dabble in lots of different fields, including cooking, genealogy, photography, biking, and visual design. In the past, I’ve contributed to scienceoutreach programs, played cricket, and been a member of a taiko drumming group. I enjoy board games, video games, podcasts, anime, and mildly interesting facts, and I would love to improve my artistic skills.

Contact me

The best way to reach me is at [email protected]. I read and respond to all email I receive. I am active on GitHub and can be found lurking on various other sites, including Twitter and Stack Exchange. My LinkedIn and Facebook pages, as well as my other online accounts, largely gather dust.


About this site

This website is a living archive of my personal projects and other creative endeavours. Posts are generally listed in reverse chronological order, though I often revise and add to old pages when I am inspired to revisit their ideas.

I began as a personal portfolio site in 2008. Some entries date back to 2003–08, having been originally published on my now-defunct earlier websites: the non-sequitur photoblog Gee, that’s random, my high school journal Wandering Thoughts, and the photo collage webcomic Isotopes of Bismuth.

The logo at the top of the site depicts a rose, a pun on my first name and penchant for pink ties. The style was inspired by the gems in Steven Universe and a drawing of (an immersion of) the Petersen graph.