Brian May has an Erdős number

If you’ve heard of Erdős Numbers, Erdős-Bacon Numbers, and the fact that Queen lead guitarist Brian May has a PhD, you may have wondered whether Brian May has a well-defined Erdős-Bacon number. As a matter of fact, he does. Here’s how the rock legend is connected to the centres of cinema and academia.

Bacon number: 3

Thanks to IMDB and the Oracle of Bacon, Bacon numbers are easy to find. The guitarist’s credited voice role as “Massed Peasant Chorus/Chamberlain” in The Adventures of Pinnochio makes him only three films away from Kevin Bacon.

Erdős number: 7

In mathematics, the equivalent tool to the Oracle of Bacon is MathSciNet’s collaboration distance tool. Unfortunately, it does not catalogue the astrophysics journals Brian May has published in, so his Erdős number has to be found manually. The best previous attempt I found was a path of length eight, through a popular science book cowritten by May. However, I managed to find a shorter path, starting with a letter published in Nature.

This gives Brian May an Erdős-Bacon number of at most 10, and the smallest known Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number of 11.