Vancouver is over 60% single-family housing and roads

Jens von Bergmann has run the numbers on land use in various municipalities in Metro Vancouver.Land Use, Roads (and Parking). Mountain Doodles. Jens von Bergmann (2016-02-29). The City of Vancouver in particular has lot of land tied up in streets and detached housing.

Use CoV land
single-family detached houses and duplexes 34.0%
roads and right-of-way 28.1%
recreation, open space, and natural areas 15.2%
commercial 3.9%
low-rise apartments (residential or mixed-use) 4.1%
high-rise apartments (residential or mixed-use) 1.9%

Because the City of Vancouver has so little area left undeveloped, any proposals for new housing, schools, parks, stores, and so forth will displace some existing use of the land.