Gender-neutral names

My initial motivation behind this post was to compile a list of the most popular gender-nonspecific names. Unfortunately, this aim was undermined by the fact that the government data collects a person’s formal name and sex assigned at birth, rather than the gender and name they actually use. I would wager that “Chris” is one of the most common gender-neutral preferred name, but you can’t tell from the dataset, since it’s distributed across a bunch of (heavily-gendered) formal names.

Historical proportion of variants of “Chris”

With that limitation in mind, we can still look for birth names appearing on both lists. In the below table, names are ranked according to their minimum frequency between the two datasets; for example, a name given to 100 babies with a 50-50 gender split would rank above one with a 60-40 split but below one given to 1000 babies with a 600-400 split.


The following chart shows the top 100 gender-neutral names over the entire dataset.