Tom Lehrer, EBS #9

Tom Lehrer is a mathematician-turned-musical-satirist; you might have heard his song listing the chemical elements. Starfish13 on the QI forums suggested Lehrer as a candidate: he’s got an an Erdős number of four according to MathSciNet and a Bacon number of two according to the Oracle.

The only missing link is the connection to Black Sabbath. I managed to find quite a short path via the Muppets.

Erdős number 4

Tom Lehrer
The distribution of the number of locally maximal elements in a random sample
WF Penney
The number of components in random linear graphs
John Riordan
The solution of a certain recurrence
Ronald Graham
On sums of Fibonnaci numbers
Paul Erdős

Bacon number 7

Tom Lehrer
The Frost Report
John Cleese
The Big Picture
Kevin Bacon

Sabbath number 3

Tom Lehrer
“Silent E” from The Electric Company
Joe Raposo (producer/lyricist)
“The First Time it Happens” from The Great Muppet Caper
Frank Oz as Miss Piggy
“Born to be Wild” from Kermit Unpigged
Ozzy Osbourne

If you allow for Joe Raposo’s non-performing credits, this gives Tom Lehrer the lowest-known Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number of 9 — making him tied with Stephen Hawking for Person Closest to the Center of the Universe!