Vancouver is over 60% single-family housing and roads

Jens von Bergmann has run the numbers on land use in various municipalities in Metro Vancouver [1]. The City of Vancouver in particular has lot of land tied up in single-family detached housing and roads.

Use City of Vancouver land
single-family detached houses and duplexes 34.0%
roads and right-of-way 28.1%
recreation, open space, and natural areas 15.2%
commercial 3.9%
low-rise apartments (residential or mixed-use) 4.1%
high-rise apartments (residential or mixed-use) 1.9%

Because the City of Vancouver has so little area left undeveloped, any proposals for new housing, schools, parks, stores, and so forth will displace some existing use of the land.

  1. Land Use, Roads (and Parking). Mountain Doodles. Jens von Bergmann (2016-02-29). ↩︎