Cross-stitch library

This page catalogues the cross-stitch supplies I have on hand, so I can reference it when I’m out shopping, but it may be useful to my coworkers1 or anyone looking to pick up a new relaxing hobby.

Low-resolution pixel art, such as Pokémon sprites make for great cross-stitch patterns. I use the iPad app Pixaki to create pixelated designs before copying them to Stitchly, an invaluable specialized cross-stitch app for iOS. You can also buy cross-stitch patterns online from designers like Diana Watters or download freebies from DMC.

DMC floss colours

JASC-PAL file with colours in inventory (Pixaki palette)

  1. I keep approximately the same supplies at my desk at SAP; my coworkers are welcome to drop by any time to borrow supplies or to join me for a crafting circle around lunchtime. ↩︎

  2. Using 14-count Aida fabric — helpfully close to 10√2-count — an n-inch circular hoop will fit a design approximately 10n inches square. ↩︎