I am a curious person who values listening and self-reflection. I love to learn and get excited about oddly specific things. I live in Vancouver with my spouse Leah and our cat Digby, and currently work as a software developer at SAP.

You can reach me by email at ross@rosschurchley.com. I tend to be pretty quiet on my various social media accounts, but you can find me on GitHub, Twitter, Flickr, Stack Exchange, LinkedIn, and Facebook. My full name is globally unique, so I’m pretty easily googleable.

My pronouns are he/him/his and they/them/their, depending on grammatical context. I do not use an honorific, so please choose an appropriate gender-nonspecific option (typically “Dr”) only when absolutely necessary. Puns count as “absolutely necessary”.

tofino@2I dabble in lots of different fields, including photography, origami, biking, cooking, genealogy, art, and visual design. In the past, I’ve contributed to science outreach programs, played cricket, and been a member of a taiko drumming group. I spend much of my spare time listening to podcasts, playing board games and video games, and discovering mildly interesting facts.

phd@2I have a PhD in math from Simon Fraser University. The title and topic of my doctoral thesis was Odd disjoint trails and totally odd graph immersions, and my supervisor was Bojan Mohar. I also studied graph theory at the University of Victoria, where I earned an M.Sc. under Jing Huang. My undergraduate years were evenly split between Victoria and Thompson Rivers University.

I am one of a bizarrely high number of graph theorists to graduate from Westsyde Secondary School in my hometown of Kamloops.

icon-512x512This website is a living archive of my personal projects and other creative endeavours. Posts are generally listed in reverse chronological order, though I often revise and add to old pages when I am inspired to revisit their ideas.

Although I started publishing at this domain name in 2008, some content dates back to 2003–08, having previously appeared on my now-defunct earlier websites: the non-sequitur photoblog Gee, that’s random, my high school journal Wandering Thoughts, and the photo collage webcomic Isotopes of Bismuth.

All material on this site is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else, including my employer, colleagues, family, friends, and future self.